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Toasty chicken by ZeitgeistDragon

Very well detailed, i like how it looks more real life. And everything is like, picture perfect a total ten all the way!. You could tel...


I think its high time I do it my writings and drawings have changed a lot since then let me know if you want to be on my new account. 
OCXCannon do not get by Aquietpoet23
OCXCannon do not get
I get why people like OC's and such their fun to make but I see so many poorly made mary sues or someone just deciedes to break up a pairing, what's up with that if your going to do an OC anyway why not just create your own character to go with it? 
New group I made for those who love OCXOC yaoi or slash, have nothing against OCXCannon or CannonXCannon but us OC lovers want a place to post stuff to.
Have had anxiety for the past few weeks a friend of mine died not even 2 weeks ago and it scared me he was 30, with my anxiety it makes me wounder if he died so young what is the chance ill live a long life :(?


Jessie lovleywriter
United States
Hey there, my name is Jessie. I'm a 24 years old living in USA, if you get to know me more i can tell you which state XD. Although i haven't been doing it for very long, recently i've been drawing more. I still love to write way more, but I'm trying to learn how to draw better. I have been working on more my own stories, one which is not even started yet. I love fan fiction, it's just more satisfying to write you're own. If you're looking to make new friends, or can help me with my grammar/drawing send me a message.

I love animals, which is good since i have a zoo. I have 2 cats one named Jasmine whose a black and white cat and one named Tiger whose a orange tabby *about 20 pounds*. I have a golden retriever named Abby and a orange and white kitten named Prince.

I am very nerdy, aside from writing i love to play Runescape and Second life. I love to make videos and even sing and draw when i can, right now I'm more concentrating on working on my own stories. I still do fan fiction, just not as often.

One of my best friends on DA: :iconxxotkauvelondarkxx:

My other two are :iconkuromeru-panthar: and :iconleviathan02:

If you want to be apart of my DA family let me know, and/or talk to me more :D.

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